REVIEW: Young Black Jack ‘The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2 & 3’ – Cyborg Justice

Summary: Discovering the conspiracy behind his accident, Hyakki seeks vengeance against the doctors who ruined his life.

Things really got out of hand in these episodes. Once it dawns on Hyakki he has been the victim of wrongdoing, he grabs a katana and starts cutting off the limbs of those who caused his misfortune. Hazama is quick to sympathize with him, especially once it has been revealed that the reason behind the car accident had been to take out another doctor who was more popular in the hospital the conspirators worked at and they wanted his job. Man, office politics can be murder. Literally, murder.

Once again the path to becoming an unlicensed doctor is shown to be the better way for Hazama. Again, there were few if any episodes in this entire series where him staying on the straight and narrow was to his benefit. Yes, as a prequel it perfectly serves to showcase why in the future Hazama as Black Jack will prefer to work outside of the regular medical channels, but an episode where following the rules being of a benefit would have truly helped to showcase some good internal drama for the character and the audience watching.

With Hazama taking money for doing ghost surgeries at the end of part 3 and having a complete disdain for medical politics there is little to keep him from becoming the infamous underground doctor he is known to be in the future. One more episode to go and this sadly overlooked series will come to a close. Hopefully, this show has garnished enough popularity to see more adaptations of works by Osamu Tezuka in the future.

Young Black Jack is streaming at Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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