REVIEW: Young Black Jack ‘Season of Mania’ – A forgotten season of great drama

Summary: At a time when a subset of the nation’s students is becoming radicalized, Hazama meets a college student activist named Imagami Eri. After treating her injury, Eri and Hazama develop a curious friendship.

And so the series comes to an end. Reinforcing the themes which made this series so entertaining, Hazuma once again faces the dilemma of wanting to save someone with his medical skills and being impeded by bureaucracy, politics, and the foolish pride of others. His path is clear and he is on the road to becoming the underground, unlicensed doctor known only as Black Jack fans know he would become in the future. After watching all he has had to endure, you can’t blame him for not wanting to follow the rules. 

This episode’s end is a bit shocking when compared to the source material. The credits of this show make it a point to showcase the original manga artwork and how they look in this new series. The character who gets massively hurt and is clinging to life is based on Osamu Tezuka`s Princess Knight, a much more kid friendly series (also available on Cruchyroll). Seeing such an innocent character endure such hardship is a bit distributing to say the least.

A full series review will be up very soon but if you have taken the time to read the individual episode by episode reviews, it will come as no surprise this is a contender for best anime of the year. Sadly, many have not taken the time to check it out. Do your part and recommend this new take on a classic character. Your friend will thank you for it.

Young Black Jack is streaming at Crunchyroll

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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