Review: ‘Young Black Jack’ – Episode 3

Today’s episode gets very political as Hazuma, the man who will become Black Jack is once again faced with a medical dilemma that makes him question his actions. It is important to remember the show is taking place during the Vietnam war. It turns out that Hazuma’s neighbor is a member of an anti-war movement and is currently harboring two deserters from the American Army, one of which is suffering from debilitating headaches. Since they obviously can’t go to the hospital they insist that Hazuma helps them. After the initial examination, Hazuma realizes that the only way to the save the man’s life is to operate.

Instead of realizing now would be a good time to go to the authorities to ensure their friend lives, the protesters becoming incredibly self-righteous and insist that Hazuma has to do the operation. Hazuma refuses insisting such an action would cause him to lose any chance of practicing medicine in the future. Just as he is about to leave he realizes not operating is the same as letting the man die. If he wishes to be like the doctor who saved his life he has to perform the surgery. No matter the consequences to his career. Is the surgery a success? Or is Hazuma’s medical career dead in the water?

The drama of this show presents is genuine. Hazuma simply wishes to become a doctor and save lives. Still he keeps running into moral obstacles and ghosts from his past. Literally ghosts in today’s episode as he sees visions of the surgeon who inspired him when he was a kid. Viewers will keep rooting for Hazuma to stay the course and be the amazing doctor we all know and appreciate he becomes in the future. By the look of the preview of the next episode, this won’t be the last time Vietnam interferes with Hazuma’s life.


Young Black Jack is simulcast streaming from Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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