Review: ‘Young Black Jack’ Episode 2

Just like in his later adventures, Young Black Jack (Hazama) just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. The second episode starts with Hazuma waking up after being kidnapped. Turns his loan shark(Taro Taachiir) wants Hazuma and a few others including Dr. Yabu to pay up. How? By giving their heart to a cult leader who needs a transplant. Hazuma insists no doctor would perform such an operation but Taro tells him of a doctor named “Doctor Joker” and says that Black Market Doctors will do anything.

Unfortunately, Dr. Joker is a no-show and its falls onto Hazama to perform the operation with the other donor, a man named Raymond. Raymond had come to Japan to make money to save his sick daughter and is willing to give up his heart to do so. Hazama himself is trapped between his hatred for men who think they can buy everything and the temptation to “play god’ by performing a heart transplant in a time when the operation was still controversial. No spoilers but it’s really the type of episode that helps to showcase how Hazama conducts himself with the great medical skill he possesses.

This episode helps to introduce the world of the “Underground medicine” that Black Jack was known for operating in later in life. Though he has a distaste for it now, the rest of the series may prove why he eventually went down this path. For now we see some good character moments as Hazama feels temptation to explore more with medicine and Yabu is willing show talk of his pain from the past to help keep Hazama grounded. A short and touching episode of the how our friends can help us in our dark times.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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