WRETCHES #1 Blasts Into Space With A Fantastic First Issue


WRETCHES #1 begins its tale of sibling spacefaring with a spectacular first issue that finds a perfect balance between all of the elements it presents.
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Scout Comics’ newest series, WRETCHES hits your local comic book shop on November 27th with a bombastic beginning to a spacefaring sibling escapade.

WRETCHES #1 Blasts Into Space With A Fantastic First Issue 1
Interior art by Artist Salo Farias, Colorist Chunlin Zhao, Letterer Chas! Pangburn

A Story of Siblings

Wretches #1 opening pages are fantastic in their exaction, world building, plot, and characterization. But, speaking about the introductory pages would spoil the twists and turns that makes it feel so unique. These first few pages start the comic on a high octane note, while writer James E Roche keeps the pace throughout. This break neck speed is even felt on the calmer moments due to Roche’s fun, feisty dialogue.

Most of the snappy dialogue comes from the main siblings themselves—Shea and Sean. The way the duo bicker, yet care for each other breathes realism into them. The moments shared between them feel genuine as if they are real-world siblings that have a long-troubled history. This is due to how great Roche is at portraying them. If he doesn’t have a sibling, I’d be surprised.

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The siblings are the main focus of Wretches #1, yet the other characters introduced feel unique and carry enough interest in their personality. As the story takes place in a science fiction future with space travel, Roche adds in some aliens and robotic augmented humans. Not much is said upon the species that inhabit Wretches, but Roche adds enough character showcased in each, making you want to come back to the worlds of Wretches.

WRETCHES #1 Blasts Into Space With A Fantastic First Issue 2
Interior art by Artist Salo Farias, Colorist Chunlin Zhao, Letterer Chas! Pangburn

Art Runs In The Family

The energy that artist Salo Farias brings to Wretches #1 matches the story by teetering on the edge of a fun and serious sibling space adventure. Helping amplify the high octave feel in the opening, Farias portrays a quick chaotic chase sequence. During the finale of the chase, Farias drops the background of a cluttered crowd and opts for a history lesson matching the narration. This scene (seen below) is smart in its exaction with it easily telling the siblings history in the background, while the present story is still transpiring. Helping Farias keep the tone is the vibrantly deep colors by Chunlin Zhao.

Zhao portrays the planets with differing colors, helping distinguish them from each other. While on the planets Zhao showcases a great contrast of colors between the varying species, clothing, and landscapes. When the action and explosions start to occur Zhao amps the brightness as the blasts fill the panels. During these action-packed moments, the duo on art is aided by Chas! Pangburn’s lettering.

Pangburn helps the multitude of species stand out by having their dialogue boxes different colors, while making them unevenly shaped, helping emphasize their differing speech. The fun lettering moments aren’t limited to speech patterns. Throughout Wretches #1, Pangburn adds words to movements giving a greater emphasis on the action transpiring. Or when an explosion happens, Pangburn adds huge letters that greater the effect that the art duo showcase.

WRETCHES #1 Blasts Into Space With A Fantastic First Issue 3
Interior art by Artist Salo Farias, Colorist Chunlin Zhao, Letterer Chas! Pangburn

From Rags to Wretches

On the Kickstarter page Roche talks about how the comic has evolved since his first concept in 2015. It would be interesting to see the original take on Wretches. But as it stands, Wretches #1 is a fantastic first issue that blends all of its parts elegantly.

WRETCHES #1 Blasts Into Space With A Fantastic First Issue 4
Cover art by Ander Zarate

Cover Story: After knowing his character, It’s funny that Sean is doing a Shakespeare pose mixed with the Thinker on the cover. Wretches #1’s cover is the first one I can recall that includes the Letterers name!

Memorable Quote: “You humans have an odd way of saying thank you.” – Zed

Yeah, we have odd ways of expressing a multitude of emotions!

Dear Reader

Did you get a chance to check Wretches #1 out, or back it on Kickstarter? Let us know what you think down below!

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