An edgy murder mystery that is fitting of all things Wolverine.

Review: WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1 – A Murder Mystery Worthy of Logan

Wolverine: The Long Night, the first scripted podcast produced by Marvel, has finally come to the comic book medium. WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1 introduces us to Burns, Alaska, a fictional coastal town where a series of murders have been traced to Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine.

crabbing vessel in Burns, Alaska


Benjamin Percy’s story features two federal agents, Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall, who interviewed a number of Burns’ residents regarding the recent murders. The townsfolk give bits and pieces to an unfolding story revolving around the deaths of nine fishermen. Burns’ local authorities believe these to be the result of bear attacks, but Pierce and Marshall’s investigation unveils a darker truth, one involving a newly hired deckhand named Logan.

federal agents interviewing fisherman

The story has all the makings of a murder mystery: suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Each character’s personality is equally balanced with their function, from the deckhand interviewee’s cryptic testimony to the over-eagerness of the agents’ rookie policeman guide. These individuals’ characterizations fit perfectly together and move the story forward.


Rafael Albuquerque’s cover art exemplifies all that we love about Wolverine, complete with a grizzled image of Logan standing next to blood-stained snow prints.

Also, Marcio Takara and Matt Milla capture the beauty of Alaskan landscapes throughout this issue. The mountains are sharp and mingle with lush green forests. We also see smooth transitions from these scenic panels to the grittier images featuring flashbacks of Burns’ old fishing boats and murder scenes.

Wolverine as deckhandJoe Caramagna’s lettering also works well with each panel, emphasizing the text when needed and pushing it to the side when the illustrations are the focus.


WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT is off to a great start with its first issue. The combined elements of mystery and fear give readers the very best of a Wolverine story. If you’re a fan of any movie/comic/show featuring Logan, I highly recommend picking up this book.

What do you think of this storyline and its impact on Wolverine’s characterization? Let us know in the comments below!

Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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An edgy murder mystery that is fitting of all things Wolverine.Review: WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT #1 - A Murder Mystery Worthy of Logan