Kat Howard crafts a brilliantly juxtaposes Timothy's personality and the persona imposed on him by Faerie.

Review: Will Timothy Choose To Leave Faerie In BOOKS OF MAGIC #8?

With Ellie’s fate unknown, Ms. Rose and Timothy need to find a way out of Faerie. But Titania’s spell has taken all desire to leave from Timothy! Is the choice completely out of his hands? Will he muster up the courage to face the truth of his connection to Faerie and find his way to Ellie?


Since finding himself in the land of Faerie, Timothy has chosen to spend most of his time lazing away in the villages and woods with enchanted creatures. The boy has no memory of his magic training or Ellie’s peril and a complete lack of desire to leave. Fortunately, Rose knows exactly what game Titania is pulling and will stop at nothing to break her spell.

Titania and Rose argue over Timothy


Kat Howard’s depiction of Timothy is the exact opposite of the boy we know from past issues. He’s easy-going, carefree, and would like nothing more than to waste his days away in the land of Faerie. But this isn’t an inconsistency in Howard’s writing; it’s a strength. Readers get a clearer understanding of Timothy’s character by seeing his opposite. And it’s clear his real personality – the anxious and cautious persona – is the antithesis of all that Faerie represents.

It seems Titania and her subjects are bent on keeping Timothy in this alternative persona and Faerie forever. But he may recover his free will once his connection to the realm is uncovered. The story’s drama increases exponentially once Timothy and Rose confront this truth Titania has been keeping from them.


Timothy carelessly spending his time in Faerie

The artwork in BOOKS OF MAGIC #8 is exceptional as always. Tom Fowler’s penciling meshes beautifully with Brian Churilla’s solid inking to illustrate the exotic shapes found in Faerie’s mystical landscape. This, combined with Jordan Boyd and Marissa Louise’s mix of dark and light hues, gives life to the atmosphere the story calls for.

In addition, Todd Klein’s lettering does a great job of moving the story forward. He positions them in such a way that the reader is easily able to follow the illustrations as the story’s events unfold.

Kai Carpenter’s cover art features the beautiful queen Titania. The fairy beings in her hair capture the sorceress’ whimsical nature, but her foreboding look suggests a hidden sinister side.


BOOKS OF MAGIC #8 gives readers more answers to the mystery of Timothy’s connection to Faerie via its fast-paced story. It sets us up for more mysteries to be solved in the coming issues.

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Kat Howard crafts a brilliantly juxtaposes Timothy's personality and the persona imposed on him by Faerie.Review: Will Timothy Choose To Leave Faerie In BOOKS OF MAGIC #8?