Review: WESTWORLD “Phase Space” Adds A New Layer To The Story

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Westworld brought an active, fast-paced storytelling episode to the fans this past Sunday night with the sixth episode of the second season, “Phase Space.”

With hour-long shows that have multiple storylines, the most effective way to keep the audience glued to his or her seat is by briefly touching on each storyline and organizing the episode like a DJ entertaining a crowding. “Phase Space” is an excellent example of how to do that well. There was early action to get your blood pumping, questions to get your mind thinking, several emotional moments that tugged on your heart strings, the twist, and the episode ended with a major reveal. Give a round of applause to the editor on a job well done.

Bernard Lowe’s plot thread is the most entertaining as he represents the audience trying to figure out the mystery. In “Phase Space” he introduces a new universe which will make it harder to establish who is where and when. The LOST elements of the show are mounting, and with only four episodes left the second season is building severe steam towards the finale.

Review: WESTWORLD “Phase Space” Adds A New Layer To The Story

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Cinematically I wish the Samurai battle was filmed better. It looked very choreographed, and the filming angles were very generic. Director Tarik Saleh needed to take more risks with this scene, deeper filming angles balanced with extreme close-ups would have taken the action and emotion to the next level.

Overall, “Phase Space” progressed the story on all fronts. The intensity is building at the right time, and the talents of the cast and crew are shining brightly.

What did you think of the episode? Comment below.

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