Review: Walking Dead #99 – a solid poker face

Issue: Walking Dead #99
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Pencils: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 6/20/2012

‘SOMETHING TO FEAR’ CONTINUES! The unthinkable happens, as we all gear up for next month’s monumental issue 100!

Story: 8/10 • Artwork: 8/10 • Overall 8/10

This is an average issue for anyone who has read Walking Dead. Issue 99 is the set-up to Walking Dead #100, where all hell should break loose. So, with all the hype over issue 100, issue #99 comes off bland. It,s like the power went off half way through a really good movie. This story-arc will read better in trade paper back form.

The book is bland because there is no great cliff-hanger at the end of this issue, but that is the way Kirkman planned it out. Kirkman wants the hype to be insane surrounding issue 100 and you don’t get that if you show your hand to quickly. Kirkman wants Walking Dead fans to burn-down San Diego Comic-Con with excitement. Walking Dead #100 comes out on July 11th, 2012, the first day of Comic -Con.

Walking Dead #99 is the calm before the storm, we hope…

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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