Review: Walking Dead #100 – Holy shit Lucille!

Issue: Walking Dead #100
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Pencils: Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 7/11/2012

Mature Readers
‘SOMETHING TO FEAR’ CONTINUES! This extra-sized chapter contains one of the darkest moments in Rick Grimes’ life, and one of the most violent and brutal things to happen within the pages of this series. 100 issues later, this series remains just as relentless as the debut issue. Do not miss the monumental 100th issue of THE WALKING DEAD!

Story: 9/10 • Artwork: 9/10 • Overall 9/10
Curse words is all that is pouring out of my mouth after reading issue 100 of Walking Dead written by Robert Kirkman. As a reader of Walking Dead you knew that something bad was going to happen in this issue but you continued to read. Walking Dead readers are like NASCAR fans just waiting for the accidents. Evil happens in 100 and her name is Lucille. Kirkman sucks you in with his writing and build up and then he stomps on your heart over and over. This issue sends the series in a new direction with a new threat and a new philosophy on how to survive in the Walking Dead world.

This issue had 18-pages of build up and I mean tension. It’s what Kirkman does best. The book got to the point to where I just wanted to jump to the last page to get it over with, but I read on. Then when Kirkman smacks the reader in the face with the punchline he drags it out to bring you to tears. This book is well written but I wish I didn’t read it.

I do not know how Charlie Adlard sleeps at night. There are several splash pages in this book that will haunt me for a long time. I have the image of Rick’s wife and child’s death still burned into my memory. Walking Dead #100 has added a few more images to the horror category of my memory. The images and dialogue of the last four-pages of book left my soul shattered. Thank you Mr. Kirkman for ruining the first day of Comic-Con. Read Walking Dead #100 at your own risk!

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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