Touching on lack of trust in the media, corporate corruption, and a virus that was seemingly planned makes Utopia a thought provoking experience.
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Review: UTOPIA Offers Conspiracy Fun

Utopia, a show centered on a deadly virus spreading across the nation couldn’t have arrived at a better moment than now. Amazon’s latest original series will undoubtedly lead to theories, and will have audiences glued after the first episode. The timing certainly is fitting, and this is what will make Utopia a must see this year, as it addresses the ongoing errors in society.

So far, Utopia is the only series where mentioning the never-ending pandemic is necessary. It unintentionally lines up with the tragedy unfolding in America, and across the globe. Touching on lack of trust in the media, corporate corruption, and a virus that was seemingly planned makes Utopia a thought provoking experience. The series follows a group of friends, who met online, as they are targeted by the deep state after they come in contact with a graphic novel detailing tragedies throughout history.

Rainn Wilson as Michael in Utopia

Utopia stars Desmin Borges, Dan Byrd, John Cusack, Ashleigh LaThrop, Jessica Rothe, Rainn Wilson, Sasha Lane, and many other stars. Series creator, Gillian Flynn, has stated she drew inspiration from paranoia thrillers like Parallax View and All the President’s Men. Utopia will be welcomed with open arms by those that are paranoid, or those that just don’t trust the powers that be in our country. The writing team involved did a great job crafting a unique take on the UK series of the same name.


Clocking in at eight episodes, Utopia will take audiences on a roller coaster of emotions. The way it balances moments of unease, laughter, and terror is admirable. Our central characters, Ian, Wilson, Greg, Becky, Alice, Samantha, and Jessica Hyde are all very likable characters. For the most part, the development of each character is slim though, especially Samantha. Still, the dialogue between our group of nerds, and the predicaments they find themselves in is entertaining to watch.

Jessica Rothe as Samantha in Utopia

This really is the quintessential series for conspiracy theorist. While it is centered on a pandemic, Utopia is mostly a series about how far will we go to expose the truth, and how far will others go to conceal it. During the series premiere, we spend time getting to know our group of nerds, as they gather for the chance to gain ownership of Utopia, the graphic novel that will attract unwanted attention. Even if you have seen the trailers, the premiere is so well structured that the violent shift it takes will hit hard.

Cusack stars as Kevin Christie, a doctor, who is seemingly interested in keeping up the charade being sold to the public. Cusack has had better performances, but he does what he can in this role. Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight, stars as Michael Steams, someone who may hold the cure to the pandemic. Lastly, Lane stars as Jessica Hyde, the center piece of the chaos unfolding. The performances are all great, but these three hold the most importance for the narrative.

John Cusack in Utopia

As this all too familiar scenario unfolds, it is accompanied by a wonderful score from Jeff Russo. Utopia features some very graphic moments, is beautifully shot, and Russo’s additions just amplify all the magic on screen. Only real issue with the series is that despite spending time with our characters, you may still feel indifferent towards them. Utopia should definitely be added to everyone’s watch list this fall. Not only is it relevant, but it’s just a great recreation of a hit series. With the ongoing pandemic, viewers will definitely find a lot to enjoy from this well crafted series. Utopia is the definition of life in 2020, and many will agree after viewing it later this month.

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Eric Trigg
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Touching on lack of trust in the media, corporate corruption, and a virus that was seemingly planned makes Utopia a thought provoking experience.Review: UTOPIA Offers Conspiracy Fun