Review: Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #4


Issue four picks up immediately where issue three left off, with the kids finding out about Spidey being shot. Miles feeling a bit of Spider responsibility takes off and ends up witnessing the *SPOILERS* Death of Peter Parker, from the last Ultimate series. Pichelli’s art is particularly great here, especially conveying the satisfaction on Peter’s face as that even though he’s dying he saved Aunt May, and Aunt May’s silent tears as Peter passes.

Miles and Ganke end up having a discussion about responsibility as he comes to grips with the fact that he was given these powers for a reason, and he should have been there to help. Ganke interjects that maybe he is supposed to take Peter’s place (shades of Madame Web anyone? Web of Spiders? Funny how that is tying into the discussion at the end of ASM #673 (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Read Roger’s review here! Do it! Now! Then come back!)

Miles continues down the slippery slope of realizing the great power comes great responsibility and attends Peter’s funeral. He ends up having a conversation with Gwen Stacey, who actually finally (briefly!) has the great power, great responsibility speech with him, and finds out why Peter wore a mask. (Because it looked cool, duh. And maybe he didn’t want anyone to know who he was.)

Than finally, almost three four full issues into the series, we get the money shot. Miles in his friend’s Spider-Man Halloween costume, which lands him some action that we only get to read about in a mock Daily Bugle cover, which rips into him, as a Spidey impostor who is impersonating in bad taste. The issue ends with him getting familiar with his Spidey sense (like how he refers to it as “head buzzing”) and getting asked just “Who the @#$@ do you think you are???” by Spider-Girl.

I’m pleased that we finally get to see Miles in costume, and we managed to get the character development across as well. Bendis seems to be hopefully turning into a faster pace, and maybe by issue six we may get to see him in his real costume, fighting super-villians instead of just reading about reports of him fighting super-villains.


Pichelli’s art continues to be amazing, the little details in the difference between the real Spider-Man costume and the Halloween costume are great, and again she does a fantastic job with the facial emotions.

Better than the first three issues.

Story: 8/10


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