Review: ‘Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye’ #55: More Light Fades

The battle against the DECEPTICON JUSTICE DIVISION is finally over, and for the few AUTOBOTS left standing, all that’s left are words. Four words, to be precise. Four terrible words, millions of years old, that gave the DECEPTICONS their name.


The long battle comes to a close. It ends a little abruptly, but at the same time in a way which is understandable and makes use of the resources at hand. Also, despite the battle resolving, there is still plenty of action in this issue to satisfy even the most diehard fan. Again, be ready for some emotional moments as you read this one. Not everyone is able to make it out alive.

This issue does show a flaw with writer James Roberts’ style. His storytelling is so intricate it sometimes takes more than one reading to appreciate and understand what happened. It does help to show how far ahead he had gone to plot the different stories to make sure not to leave any plot holes to chance. Still, even with this intense plot, he still makes sure to deliver some very powerful emotional moments.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye


The team of Alex Milne and Joana Lafuente really excel this issue. The face off between the Decepticon Justice Division and Megatron is especially noteworthy thanks to their use of color and pencilling to show a lot of action in closed space. Also, the little details put into all the damage that the characters have endured and the emotional pain from different situations on their faces is especially impressive.


The series continues to be one of the best Transformers comics ever. Just as it seems like you know where the plot is going, a door opens, and something you never thought would happening occurs. It’s a wild ride which fans need to take part in.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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