Review: ‘Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye’ #54: Casualties

MASSACRE! The battle between the DECEPTICON Justice Division and MEGATRON’s AUTOBOTS reaches its nerve-shredding climax. Pray for your favorites — because not everyone makes it out of this issue alive.


The moment has finally arrived. After they were abandoned in issue #50, the last few issues have only been building tension to the event we all knew was coming. A knockdown, drag out, intense battle erupts between the stranded crew of the Lost Light and the Decepticon Justice Division. Is it worth the wait? You better believe it is. With every page turn, the battle seems to get more nail biting. The fighting which ensues is both satisfying and shocking as actions are taken but at a great cost to many. The blurb wasn’t lying, not everyone gets out of the issue alive.

Just as it seems you can’t take anymore the issue comes to a close on a cliffhanger which will make you wish the issue #55 wasn’t another month away. Writer James Roberts didn’t write a battle scene, he wrote an experience and it is a marvel to engage in.



The artwork by Alex Milne is a great contributing factor to this issue. Through his work, the violent explosions and savage combat can be felt as you turn the pages. Some of the best moments in the issue comes from the action pages he drew. There is a particular splash page in this issue which many will probably want to get a print of because of how fantastic the detail work is. It’s the only splash page in the issue so it isn’t hard to find.


The team of Milne and Roberts once again delivers an intense, emotional, and well crafted comic. Now all they need to do is wrap up the battle and see where the warriors will go from here. Frankly, after a battle this draining it won’t be easy to simply get back in their ship and go about their merry way. Especially since the ship is still in someone else’s possession.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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