Review: ‘Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye’: #53: Long Goodbyes

THE DYING OF THE LIGHT part 4! Twilight’s last gleaming! The end is nigh. No chance of escape. No last-minute reprieve. But nothing loosens the tongue like imminent death, and the crew of the Lost Light use their final hours to say what—until now—was unsayable.

This issue is all about goodbyes and preparations. The preview for issue 54 says not everyone will make it out alive. This is the last time to enjoy some of these characters before they go into battle against an enormous enemy force with no back up in sight. For this, the fans will have to excuse the lack of any action because the next issue will be overloaded with it.

The issue isn’t without its charm though. There are a lot of good character moments, such as Nautica saying a special goodbye to all those who meant something to her, Cyclonus and Whirl having a frenemy talk together, and Rewind solving the mystery with his lost love. The last one comes out of nowhere but not really in a bad way and seems to blend well with flow of the story. James Roberts really is setting things up to make the fans feel something big in the next issue. Of course he does deliver something big this issue by providing Ultra Magnus with a very impressive upgrade.


Alex Milne’s and Hayato Sakamoto’s artwork works so well together at times it hard to tell who did which pages. They are able to draw some very emotional and worried characters who are tired and not sure they are going to make it out alive. Joana Lafuente’s color work is the last piece which helps to bring it all together. Their teamwork makes for a very engaging visual comic.

Given how much built up to the battle next issue there is if someone in the main cast doesn’t die it’s going to feel a bit of a let down. Still, the way things are set up, it’s a guarantee the fans will lose a member of the cast they have come to love. Ready the handkerchiefs everyone as next month heroes maybe lost.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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