Review: ‘Transformers’ #54: Huge Development

ALL HAIL OPTIMUS — part 5! OPTIMUS PRIME orders all all-out siege against the DECEPTICONS… leaving himself wide open to a counterattack by the human forces. Which is just what GALVATRON wanted all along…


The battle from the previous issue continues as things don’t look good for the team. Luckily, the the good guys are able to turn the fight around and find a way to push back Galvatron’s forces. Just as you think it’s going to be a standard battle with the good guys winning in the end, writer John Barber pulls a fast one.

It’s hard to talk about what happens in the issue without giving away a major spoiler, but this much can be said. It makes the issue a necessary read and also shows just how far in advance Barber was thinking when he worked on this story arc. This one is a game changer folks and you’ll need to pick up the book to check it out.




Andrew Griffith’s art in this issue really helps to make the battle more intense. Compared to the previous issue this work is much more detailed and visually darker. The gritty and harsh lines and colors really help to make the issue feel much more intense between pages. This what the art with an intense battle needs to feel like. Griffith needs to be on this book full time instead of doing the artist rotation the studio keep utilizing but the use of this method is obviously to prevent an artist from burning out. Basically, he needs to take enough breaks to keep this level of quality while still being able to do the book every month.


Between the shift in the art team and the new revelation which this issue drops, this book is definitely one fans will want to check out. The All Hail Optimus story line just hit its peak and what a peak it is.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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