Review: 11 Reasons ‘The Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign?’ Is A Mash-up Masterpiece

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The Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign?
Written and drawn by: Geoff Darrow
Colored by: Dave Stewart
Published by: Dark Horse Comics
“The day after yesterday and a week before tomorrow.” So began the original first issue of Geof Darrow’s comic Shaolin Cowboy. That first series, published by the Wachowski siblings’ imprint Burlyman, was a gorgeously illustrated piece of pure comics storytelling. It was a mash-up mix of westerns, kung-fu, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction; told with a sense of humor that had its tongue pressed firmly against its cheek. Dark Horse is now publishing a new chapter, Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign?, and it’s great to see that Darrow hasn’t lost any of the creative drive that makes this concept work. Read on for 11 reasons that Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign? is a mash-up masterpiece.

The Shaolin Cowboy
The Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign?
  1. The absolutely gorgeous art. There really is not many artists like Darrow out there.
  2. Dave Stewart’s brilliant coloring.
  3. The unbridled myth like story-telling.
  4. How Darrow places real world objects in this world. It’s a nice touch that works as both a joke and social commentary.
  5. The effortless mix of genres that feels so natural you hardly notice. It could easily be jarring but it’s not
  6. “You got a lot of Buddist hutzpah”
  7. The Trump radiation symbol on page 12. Funny and kinda frightening.
  8. Talking vultures as both a greek chorus, a source of exposition and humor.
  9. How Darrow balances pointed humor and actual pathos.
  10. The use of actual martial art techniques and philosophies.
  11. Darrow’s ability to capture violence. It’s gory yet beautiful.
The Shaolin Cowboy
The Shaolin Cowboy: Who Will Stop The Reign?

There you have it, folks. Pick this up when it hits stands for something different but fantastic. You won’t be disappointed by this beautiful book.

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