The Lost and the Plunderers is an insanely action-packed average episode.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD ‘Dead or Alive Or’ The Build Up Begins To The End

The Lost and the Plunderers last week was one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead in a very long time. The episode was deep, personal, and punched you in the gut. With that said, tonight’s episode Dead or Alive Or starts the setup to the season finale.

Dead or Alive Or puts all the remaining chess pieces in play. Daryl, Tara, Rosita, and Dwight are taking a very long time to get to The Hilltop. Father Gabriel is lost and blind with Harlan. Eugene and Negan faceoff in a battle of wits. Maggie has to make the tough choices. Carol and Morgan are the Yin and Yang of crazy.

Side note: The house that Father Gabriel found will be important post ALL-OUT WAR.


Did anyone think crossing a swamp with zombies was a good idea? It’s a horrible idea but a great setting for horror. The tropes ran wild this episode with Tara and Dwight. Harlan even got caught in a bear trap! A great visual, but seriously, a bear trap? All the tropes kept the episode leading to a punchline, but it wasn’t funny. Again, The Walking Dead continues to pull the rug out from underneath you at the last second.

Tonight the audience was Charlie Brown trying to kick a football and The Walking Dead was Lucy, but if Eugene builds a catapult, it will all be worth it. One of the best aspects of ALL-OUT WAR in the comics appeared in tonight’s episode in the final minutes, and it will change everything. A bloody Lucile gave the episode the punch it needed to be more than average.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD Dead or Alive Or The Build Up Begins To The End

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Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Gabriel’s faith gets tested.

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<em>The Lost and the Plunderers</em> is an insanely action-packed average episode.Review: THE WALKING DEAD 'Dead or Alive Or' The Build Up Begins To The End