The Mother's Day issue comes early for THE WALKING DEAD.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #178 – Family Dynamics Pushed To The Brink

Issue 178 of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman was fascinating to break down, as you had three family dynamics working throughout the story.

Kirkman also does an excellent job at setting up the reader to eventually rip the rug from underneath him or her by the end the book.

Maggie and Sophia’s relationship is an example of how long the series has been going. There is some serious history between this makeshift mother and daughter team. In contrast, Michonne and Elodie are trying to make up for lost time. The different levels of character development among the mothers and daughters showcase Kirkman’s spectrum of writing skills.


Yet, Michonne’s unconditional love as a mother does foreshadow how the story arc will play out in the Commonwealth. The governor, Pamela Milton has the same feelings for her dumb-ass son, Sebastian and part four of six of NEW WORLD ORDER hits that sweet note right before the shit hits the fans. You get to the last page, and you want to read issue 179 immediately.

Review: THE WALKING DEAD #178 Family Dynamics Pushed To The Brink

I’ve made mention of Charlie Adlard’s work concerning the movement of eyes before, and this issue continues the trend. Kirkman lets the page breath from time to time, and Adlard takes over as the storyteller. There are more than a few panels in 178 where the reader is allowed to soak in the emotion of the art.

178 is exactly where the book needs to be at this point in the story arc. There was some misdirection in the storytelling which has led to an unexpected outcome. All bets are off over the final two issues of the arc.

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About the issue:
“NEW WORLD ORDER,” Part Four Princess unleashed—It’s possible Princess doesn’t quite fit in at the Commonwealth.

The Walking Dead #178 is written by Robert Kirkman, with art by Charlie Adlard, inks by Stefano Gaudiano, and grey tones by Cliff Rathburn. Rus Wooten lettered the book and Dave Stewart colored the cover.

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The Mother's Day issue comes early for THE WALKING DEAD.Review: THE WALKING DEAD #178 - Family Dynamics Pushed To The Brink