David A. Goodman entices readers with an engaging protagonist fighting against oppressive systems that reflect our own world.

Review: THE ORVILLE #3: HEROES PART 1 OF 2 — Talla Fights Against Oppression

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THE ORVILLE #3: HEROES PART 1 OF 2, available in stores on Wednesday, November 4th, details the crew’s fight against an oppressive organization. Talla Keyali, a Xelayan Lieutenant serving with the team, leads the call to help the Okudum people. She developed a bond with one of their families five years prior, even reading a storybook with the daughter detailing the feats of a hero who fought against oppression. Unfortunately, Talla and team learn another alien race (the Nazh) is harming them in the present as well.

The resulting story details the challenges that arise for those who fight against oppressive systems.


The issue’s story opens with flashback to Talla’s past, giving readers context regarding her connection with the Okudum. The former Ensign took part in a mission to better understand the people of the planet as they resembled her own race.

This narrative technique brilliantly sets readers up for the story to come. By providing a backstory relating one of the main characters (Talla) to a new setting, writer David A. Goodman helps readers care about what she cares for. This knowledge of a character’s backstory can make all the difference when it comes to enticing readers.

Returning to the present, Talla, Captain Ed Mercer, and rest of the crew make plans to investigate the Okudum and a mysterious advanced piece of machinery found on their planet. What’s odd is that this society has historically shied away from advanced technology, opting to live in harmony with their land. Can the Orville team figure out who is responsible for the drastic changes in this society? Is it the oppressive Nazh group? And if so, should they fight back?



David Cabeza’s penciling and ink work provides realistic illustrations of each character. It’s almost as if one was viewing a photo of Seth MacFarlane whenever Ed appears in a panel. Micahel Atiyeh’s coloring provides nice contrasts between the earthen tones of the Okudum landscapes with the Orville uniform’s colorful hues. And Rikchard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt’s lettering frames the illustrations beautifully with narrative and dialogue boxes that blend well with the colors of the panels.


THE ORVILLE #3: HEROES PART 1 OF 2 opens up a new storyline rooted in an intriguing character. We’re excited to see more of Talla in the issues to come.

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