Review: The Might Thor #8 The Mighty Tanarus arises from Thor’s Ashes

The Mighty Thor #8

Written By: Matt Fraction

Art By: Pasqual Ferry

Review Score : 7.5/ 10

Matt Fraction’s Mighty Thor run has been a hard nut to crack thus far. Fraction has definitely introduced some huge ideas into this book. Introducing a new Herald for Galactus and removing the Silver Surfer of the Power Cosmic , also killing off Thor, and finally creating a New God of Thunder Tanarus.

The beginning of issue 8 starts off with Asgard being rebuilt yet again. Heimdell welcomes the All Mother’s to New Asgard and brings them up to speed as to why all the other citizens from the Nine Realms are in Asgard as well. Fraction then introduces us too Tanarus who is the new God of Thunder.  Fraction goes so far as to explain to the reader that the people of Asgard know Tanarus as the one and only God of Thunder. It was Tanarus who founded the Avengers , and Tanarus who befell the Serpent . Fraction introduces these story threads but never explains them out right , creating alot of confusion for the reader.

Enter Loki who is the only person that recognizes something is off . I like the idea of Loki becoming more  of a sympathetic character in his own book Journey into Mystery . While I’ve read and love the hell out of that book , other readers who haven’t been following it may look at Loki as merely a whining kid. Loki immediately seeks an audience with the three witches and upon seeing him they hit him with a bolt of lighting that causes him to remember his brother’s Name Thor. We get a small glimpse into the life of Norrin Radd that is quite funny and shows us  Fraction’s planning on having the former Silver Surfer in this book for the foreseeable future.

Pasqual Ferry’s art is a welcome addition back to the series and creates a nice sense of whimsy to each page. His art is clean and fluid and he manages to create a great sense of scale in Asgard while taking the time to let characters breathe in quieter moments. Ferry’s art is reminiscent of Don Bluth animation.  I especially like the way he draws giant Beasts , monsters , and after this issue trolls.The last page of art to this issue was gorgeous.

This issue starts slow but with the reveal towards the end of the issue as to who Tanarus really is as well as the last two pages that shed some light as to where Thor has ended up after his apparent death. I’m definitely very excited to see where the next issue goes. Fraction continues to build on The God of Thunders mythos and while this issue lacks some clear answers as to whats happening , the art and end of the book make up for the short comings at the beginning of the book. I’m curious to see how Fraction approaches telling this story and hope that he doesn’t play things so close to the chest next issue.

Mike DeVivo

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