It's nice to see Faith's dynamic with Peter in Harbinger #6 even if it goes a little slow.

Review: THE HARBINGER #6 – Sweet Reunions

The Harbinger #6 from Valiant Entertainment released to comic stores on March 30th and it features Faith Herbert. This fan favorite character’s presence feels like a friendly reunion before things get uglier.

Synopsis (from Valiant Entertainment)

The war for Chicago begins! It’s FAITH vs THE HARBINGER — PSIOT CITY vs THE RENEGADE — BLAM vs… everyone! Can Peter Stanchek save a city when everyone he knows has their knives at his neck? It might be the end for The Harbinger….

Meet Faith In The Harbinger #6

The Harbinger #6 dynamicCollin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing make The Harbinger #6 go a little slower, to showcase Faith. She is presented in a way that makes her fleshed out and serve as a good foil to Peter. Faith is a supportive friend to him in helping out Psiot City; but she also connects to readers in awareness to Peter’s new status as the cause of problems. However, they spend so much time going over past events, that not much happens until the third act of this issue.

Fancy Presentation

Just one more partRobbi Rodriguez continues to present a stable foundation to the series along with colorist Rico Renzi. A few pages in The Harbinger #6 feature classic grids and dramatically presented splash pages. In these instances there is a feeling of struggling to find peace. In a therapy session with calm green backgrounds, two characters are making empathetic connections with subtle changes in their expressions. There’s a real sense of progress when it comes to dealing with trauma in these instances. But when the ghoulish presence of the Renegade builds up alongside this in the form of red miasma it feels like a predator is stalking its  prey. When the splash page opens, it’s like the threat pounces, disturbing a resolution.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s lettering best displays the personalities of characters in The Harbinger #6. A few word balloons show the excitement of a Psiot City crowd who is cheering for Faith. When the clap SFX are in the same size and style of the biggest font, it really shows how authentic the applause feels.

A Quick Look Through The Harbinger #6

The Harbinger #6 feels a little slow in plot, but at least the introduction of Faith has been given some breathing room. The artwork still shows how much is at stake with how it presents the Renegade. There’s plenty to love with this series going forward.

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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It's nice to see Faith's dynamic with Peter in Harbinger #6 even if it goes a little slow.Review: THE HARBINGER #6 - Sweet Reunions