REVIEW: The Flash ‘The Darkness And The Light’ – Good Vibes In Earth-1

What is going on in Central City? The long answer, a lot. The short answer a lot more. In episode 5, called “The Darkness And The Light,” Barry and Team Flash are faced with Zoom’s next pawn in Dr. Light, while and old face returns, kind of.

It seems our questions raised about the mysterious reappearance of Harrison Wells is simply that he is Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, dubbed “Harry” by Cisco. Shown in a flashback on Earth-2, Wells is in a press conference at S.T.A.R. Labs, showing off a line of metahuman detection devices before a brief mincing of words with Jay Garrick. Also in the exchange we see an unnamed girl, who is revealed as Wells’ daughter.

Making his way through the breach beneath S.T.A.R. Labs last episode and hiding behind the scenes and saving Barry from King Shark in the process. This new Wells has thrust himself into the fold of the already crowded room in S.T.A.R.


Joining his own Flash counterpart from Earth-Two, Harry seems to have a bit of a rift with Garrick, who holds Wells accountable for the leak in dark matter that caused the metahumans in Earth-2 Central City. In a spat that is not quite over no matter the world they are in, trust is the key component in all of this. But, not all of them have that in each other, and the conflict causes more and more problems.

These problems could be temporary, or they could be around for a long time.

Still, Zoom has his agenda, and it seems as if he is not slowing down anytime soon, bringing in his new Flash foe, a formidable Dr. Light.

Cisco and his ability come to light (no pun intended) at the start, after a vision in CC Jitters brings him inside a bank where Dr. Light is holding up. Coming out of the vision, he mutters “Central City Bank” and Barry races off for his first encounter. In that encounter, Barry runs into a familiar face in Linda Park, but Earth-2 Linda Park. A small exchange ensues, and Dr. Light flashes away. The same thing happens the second time, but leaves Barry blinded. The third and final time, Barry finally discovers his “speed mirage” ability and captures Dr. Light, for use as bait in the future.

Throughout the episode, Barry’s trust for Wells goes from minimal to him developing the same trust in the doppelgänger who’s polar opposite murdered Barry’s mom.

My own two cents really don’t do this episode justice. You have conflict, love and plot twists that are really helping this series keep their feet and racing towards the end game, which is an inevitable showdown with Zoom. Given that the antagonists of the week are thwarted by Team Flash, it’s looking like Zoom will start to take matters into his own hands sooner rather than later.

I am loving the relationship that is blooming between Barry and Patty because it is growing on so many levels. It’s geeky, it’s awkward, but it shows a human side to Barry that I feel has sort of lacked up until now. A relationship with Patty is grounding the main character and also creates a future complication down the road, which is Patty’s eventual partnership with the Flash. Retracting a bit from my previous statement, I am starting to like the idea of Jay and Caitlin as well.

It was bound to happen anyways, and it’s about time that it is starting to blossom. From the “accidental” giving of numbers to a blatant blow-off at CC Jitters, it was a good feeling to see Barry stick it out and finally ask Patty out.

Among the family reunions from Hell, growing relationships and the resentment in the room. I feel that this return of Wells is multi-layered. At the end of the episode, we see Zoom in a basement-like room, with Wells’ daughter in captivity. So, bold prediction, I believe Wells’ emergence in Earth-2 is either to keep Barry alive, or find a way to get Jay’s speed back in order to rescue his daughter.

Now that Cisco is revealed as Vibe, it’s now time to set him up for more exciting plot features that will likely lead him into helping Barry and the rest of Team Flash against Zoom. With the help of Wells 2.0, I believe that we will begin to see a Vibe that will become a staple in the DC TV Universe.

I don’t think this butting heads between Wells and Garrick will go away for a long time. While one is for going after Zoom and one is for allowing Barry more time to prepare. But it ends with Jay walking off and around the corner, leaving it open for interpretation, does Jay stay? Or does he go? It’s obvious he doesn’t want Barry to suffer the same fate of losing his speed to Zoom, but we have yet to see much of him helping Barry prepare.

Also, some Easter Eggs to point out. In the conversation of what’s consistent between both worlds, Jay makes a mention of a friend of his that lives in Atlantis, a subtle nod to Aquaman. Following the Hal Jordan nod in Arrow, the DC TV Universe is quickly expanding to say that these characters are there.

My questions for next week:

Is Barry V Zoom resulting in something major or will it be a minor clash? Could we see the same thing happening to Barry that has happened to Jay?

Where is King Shark? Or Gorilla Grodd? Or even any Earth-1 metahumans?

When will Jay gain his speed?

Hopefully we get an answer to these questions and more with the Flash as it continues next week, on CW, when “Enter Zoom” airs, presumably introducing Barry and Zoom to each other.

Sean McGrath
Sean McGrath
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