As Joshua Williamson's run on The Flash approaches its end, the Legion of Zoom goes on the offensive.

Review: THE FLASH #757 – The Legion of Zoom Attacks!

It’s the beginning of the end of Joshua Williamson’s Flash story in The Flash #757, released by DC Comics on July 7. Eobard Thawne sets his a plan in motion, years in the making, against Barry Allen and the Flash Family. Joined by Rafa Sandoval on Pencils, Jordi Tarragona on Inks, Steve Wands on Letters, and Colors by Hi-Fi, Williamson sets in motion the final stretch of his story almost five years in the making with the introduction of the Legion of Zoom.


Williamson has certainly been playing the long game with his run on The Flash. Back in 2016, The Flash: Rebirth #1 introduced readers to a murder case that was eerily similar to the death of Barry’s own mother at the hands of Eobard Thawne. While Barry’s initial suspicions about the case were dismissed because his objectivity was called into question, Barry is vindicated not only by finding out that, no, Heather’s husband did not kill her, but in fact, the Reverse-Flash did, on the very night that saw Wally West return from the Speed Force! Before Barry can investigate this revelation, however, Central City is attacked by a number of Flash’s rogues, in locations that are directly tied to Barry Allen. Williamson is bringing his story together, setting up a(nother) final confrontation between the Flash and Reverse-Flash, which will hopefully see the return of the entire Flash Family!


Art and Coloring

I’m a big fan of the Sandoval/Tarragona art team over the past few issues. They are very good at conveying the bombastic, frenetic action of the story, since characters are always portrayed in wide, expansive poses with their arms spread.








Seriously? Who runs like this?

They are helped, of course, by the solid coloring from Hi-Fi. All the colors are excellent. The red of Flash’s costume really “pops” against the background.

One thing I like about the following panel is the way that the art team portrays the nuances of Thawne’s negative Speed Force energy.

The line work is solid, and the colors within the energy are shaded well without bleeding too much out into the solid colors of the background setting, something that can tend to happen when portraying these types of energy fields.


Wands does a fine job with lettering. Most of the lettering focuses on either Barry’s dialogue or inner monologue, although Wands does throw in a few nice flourishes. The Speed Force lightning and whooshing sounds are always a nice touch. Wands also gives each of the Rogues unique lettering when their names are said (a fun, if silly, comic book trope).


Williamson’s run is coming full circle, racing towards its conclusion while calling back to the beginning of his run, including the return of Wally West and the death of Heather Macy. With the Legion of Zoom attacking Barry’s life, it’s most likely the case that Williamson is setting up the return of the Flash Family as his run comes to an end.

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Matthew Brake
Matthew Brake
Matthew Brake is the series editor for the book series Theology and Pop Culture from Lexington Books. He is also the co-editor of the forthcoming Religion and Comics series from Claremont Press. He holds degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and Philosophy from George Mason University. He also writes for Sequart and the Blackwell Popular Culture and Philosophy blog.
As Joshua Williamson's run on The Flash approaches its end, the Legion of Zoom goes on the offensive. Review: THE FLASH #757 - The Legion of Zoom Attacks!