In Ram V and James Tynion IV's story, readers will find themselves on a crash course with excitement, mayhem, and a poignant message about Earth care.

Review: The Elements Of Existence Come Together In JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22

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JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22 hits comic book stores on Tuesday, June 2nd, continuing The Parliaments of Life arc. Readers will remember the fungal outbreak that alerted our heroes to the unbalance between the Parliaments, leading them to split up to address the threat. However, one group member, Khalid Nelson, the new Doctor Fate, embarked upon a quest of his own. The goal? Convince the avatars of the world’s elements to assist them.

In Ram V and James Tynion IV’s story, readers will find themselves on a crash course with excitement, mayhem, and a poignant message about Earth care.


The Parliaments of Life continue to war against each other, with San Francisco as their  backdrop. At the same time, Zatanna and John Constantine plunge deeper into the underworld as they seek help from the Grey. But it’s Khalid’s journey that is the forefront of readers’ attentions.

This scene, and those following, give readers a sense of the desperation many in our own world fear. The warring Parliaments reminds us of the current threat of climate change, especially when the avatars explain how much of the imbalance was wrought by human beings.

And so, Khalid pleads his case while the rest of the team seek assistance from the Red, Green, and the Grey. Readers will find themselves unraveling a mystery that cuts to the core of reality itself.


Alvaro Martínez Bueno‏ and Amancay Nahuelpan’s penciling, combined with Raul Fernandex and Nahuelpan’s ink work, proved to be as highly detailed as ever. Readers are treated to stunning illustrations of the otherworldly avatars and Parliament representatives, which a fully fleshed out with a spectrum of hues thanks to June Chung’s coloring. In addition, Rob Leigh’s lettering frames these scenes by employing similar color schemes depending on the subject speaking.


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22 is the perfect allegory for Earth’s current climate crisis. The story engages us with it’s elemental concepts and prods us to action in the real world.

What other parallels to our modern world did you find in this story? Let us know in the comments below!

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