An action-packed issue that makes a quick transition from the previously very dramatic tone of the series to a new fun-loving and often comedic mood.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #61 – New Costume, New Tone

After many long and dramatic issues dealing with Peter’s emotional turmoil, The Amazing Spider-Man #61 — out now from Marvel Comics — takes a sharp turn with the series and brings us back to the Spidey fun we know and love.

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 Story ExampleIf you were to read The Amazing Spider-Man #61 and the previous issue back-to-back, it would be hard to believe they were both from the same series. The tone shifts so dramatically that it is slightly jarring, and it is impressive that Nick Spencer can write both styles so well. This issue is fun, action-packed, and quite funny. I wish the transition between the issues were smoother, but it is lovely to see Peter stop worrying about Kindred for a little while and refocus on worrying about finances. The Amazing Spider-Man #61 also revisits characters and storylines that haven’t been touched upon in a while. Spencer reintroduces all of these elements through captions that do a phenomenal job of welcoming new readers. If you were looking for an issue of the series to jump on, this is an excellent opportunity that won’t leave you confused by arcs you didn’t get to read.

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 Coloring Example

Patrick Gleason employs many tactics to make the action in The Amazing Spider-Man #61 as thrilling and possible. Characters frequently jut out past the panels’ borders, and when the action picks up, unique panel shapes help the combat be more dynamic. The camera angles shift dramatically and provide for an energetic and exciting sequence. Sometimes, Gleason will portray characters through their silhouettes alone so that it is evident what the reader’s focus should be on. The character’s faces and body language also allow every comedic moment that Spencer establishes land and makes the issue a non-stop thrill.

Edgar Delgado has an astounding ability to make his color palettes reflect the tone of a story, and that can be seen blatantly clear in The Amazing Spider-Man #61. The issue begins with a short flashback to the heavily dramatic events that have occurred in recent issues, and Delgado’s palette choice reflects that. All the colors are dark and blend to make a grim tone. This is immediately followed by a stunning full-page splash with vibrant colors that show that the issue’s mood is back to the fun-loving Spider-Man that fans are accustomed to.

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 Art Example

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 features the fantastic lettering abilities of VC’s Joe Caramagna, who always allows the dialogue to flow easily and provides a thrilling variety of sound effect designs that enhance the action of an issue. The lettering allows the story to progress naturally.

The Amazing Spider-Man #61 is a sudden turn but a welcome one. I’m curious to see how long this happier tone lasts, with Kindred destined to reenter the narrative at some point. The issue is fun, action-packed, and shows us a new high-tech Spider-Man costume.

David Weber
David Weber
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An action-packed issue that makes a quick transition from the previously very dramatic tone of the series to a new fun-loving and often comedic mood.Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #61 - New Costume, New Tone