An incredibly solid issue with amazing action and touching emotional moments.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #59 – Heartwarming Emotional Moments

The Amazing Spider-Man #59, out now from Marvel Comics, is full of action and emotional moments that make the issue a wild ride.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 Story ExampleNick Spencer fills The Amazing Spider-Man #59 with extraordinary dialogue. The issue features a lot of fighting but also continues the emotional moments of the previous issue. There are many private conversations with dialogue that comes directly from a character’s heart, and Spencer captures this perfectly. The issue also makes use of silent panels, which helps build the suspense of a scene. It feels like you’re holding your breath as the event you’ve been dreading occurs over the course of several completely silent panels.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 Story Example


Marcelo Ferreira’s pencils and Wayne Faucher’s inks in The Amazing Spider-Man #59 are full of dynamism and create some impressive action scenes. During these action-heavy sequences, Ferreira and Faucher utilize action lines and motion blur to add energy to the panels, making them more visually exciting. Ferreira’s and Faucher’s ability to portray intense emotion is another notable part of this issue and assists the emotional scenes with drawing the reader in.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 features the coloring talents of Morry Hollowell with Andrew Crossley, who do a fantastic job of having the palette reflect the tone. For the moments in the fight-heavy issue, Hollowell and Crossley use bright, single-colored backgrounds to add energy to the combat. When dealing with an emotional moment, calm gradients are used for backgrounds that allow tender moments to shine.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 Art Example

VC’s Joe Caramagna utilizes a wide selection of lettering techniques for The Amazing Spider-Man #59. He uses a bold and colorful font within a speech bubble to represent a character yelling. Caramagna thickens the border of some speech bubbles for emphasis. He even inverts the color scheme of speech bubbles for one character. The story flows uninterrupted and helps reflect the tone and volume of some characters’ lines. It is some wonderful work that makes the book a more enjoyable read.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59 continues the showdown with Mr. Negatives goons, all the while having Spider-Man deal with the inner turmoil he has been facing since his encounter with Kindred. The dialogue is spectacular, the art is an excellent fit for the contents of the issue, and the coloring reflects the tones phenomenally. The lettering is the final polish that allows the story to continue without a hitch, and the result is an entertaining issue containing some touching moments.

David Weber
David Weber
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An incredibly solid issue with amazing action and touching emotional moments. Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #59 - Heartwarming Emotional Moments