An exciting issue with many engaging plots and pleasant art.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51.LR – Side Characters in the Spotlight

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR, out now from Marvel Comics, continues following the exciting journeys of many secondary characters during the “Last Remains” arc.

About the Book:
Norman Osborn has revealed the true identity of Kindred to be his son, Harry Osborn. The now “cleansed” Green Goblin wishes to talk to his son and stop him from committing any more atrocities, but to do that, he needs help from Mary Jane Watson, who just so happens to have returned to Manhattan momentarily. While Norman begins his new quest, Spider-Man enlisted the help of Black Cat to steal a magical item from the Sanctum Sanctorum. A crime that now may be catching up to her.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR Framing Example

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR Story

Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg have a much quicker-paced issue in The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR than they did in the previous LR issue. Featuring several storylines happening concurrently, the issue centers around characters that don’t often get to be the focus of the series. Some of the characters, such as Black Cat and Mary Jane, have not been present in the series for some time, so getting a new story focused around them is a treat. The multiple scenes of the issue evenly share the reader’s attention as well. The story shifts to a different scene after spending a decent amount of time with a group of characters. It never felt as if one of the plots had too much or too little focus. There was a time when the choice made for a set of panels was odd, but other than that, the writing of the issue was incredibly solid. As seems is often the case with The Amazing Spider-Man series, the ending is a shocking reveal that will leave you desperately wanting to get your hands on the next issue.


Federico Vicentini provides some incredibly detailed art in The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR. These fine details help bring the world to life and are an essential part of why the issue is such an enjoyable read. These fine details help with Vicentini’s faces, which are phenomenal at expressing emotions, and believable scenes as character’s faces show how they react to others’ dialogue. The issue also featured Spider-People possessed by Kindred, and their sharp teeth and inhuman posing helped characterize them as monstrous.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR Flashback Example

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR features some stunning coloring from Marcio Menyz. The different scenes of the issue each have their own unique color palette, which helps distinguish them and helps in reflecting the tone of these scenes. Marcio Menyz gave flashback panels in the issue a pleasant tint that made it evident that the scenes were happening in the past and didn’t stand out too much and didn’t halt the flow of the story. Overall, the coloring fits wonderfully with the art and greatly improved the visuals.

The lettering of The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR was done by VC’s Ariana Maher and accompanied the art of the issue phenomenally. Maher provides an excellent variety of fonts and sizes in the issue, which gives each sound effect its own unique tone, which is an important factor when making the lettering of an issue fit with its narrative. When it comes to sound effects, there is hardly a single repeat in style for the lettering, which is above and beyond what we would expect from a standard superhero comic book.

The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR Black Cat


The Amazing Spider-Man #51.LR is an issue that begins delving more into the secondary characters’ plots during the “Last Remains” arc. It is great to see characters that have not had much attention recently, and I’m sure fans are glad they are being put to use. The LR issues are only getting more exciting as they go along, and the reveal at the end of the issue is sure to leave many itching to continue following the series. With such an engaging story, beautiful art, and superb lettering, it would be difficult to leave without feeling anything besides satisfaction and excitement after reading this issue.

David Weber
David Weber
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An exciting issue with many engaging plots and pleasant art.Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #51.LR - Side Characters in the Spotlight