The Amazing Spider-Man #47 gives yet another fantastic entry in the Sins Rising Event.

Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #47- An Event That Keeps On Giving

The Amazing Spider-Man #47, published by Marvel Comics, is the third part of the Sins Rising event and continues the outstanding quality of the arc.

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About the Book:
The Sin-Eater has been killing off villains of Spider-Man’s, only to have them come back to life in the morgue without their powers or urge to hurt others. Despite doing nothing wrong, Spider-Man does not trust the Sin-Eater and is doing everything he can to stop him.

The Amazing Spider-Man #47 Story

Nick Spencer, as always, does a phenomenal job of keeping the reader engaged with every page. The Sin-Eater’s motives and plans have not been entirely revealed, but each issue in this event we are given more and more, with enough information left to leave the reader curious enough about future issues. The Amazing Spider-Man #47 unveils another crucial step in the Sin-Eater’s plan that both fits the Sin-Eater character and is a new, unexpected twist. It makes the issue incredibly fun, while also creating excitement for what might result from the actions taken by the Sin-Eater in this issue.

Pencil and Inks example in The Amazing Spider-Man #47

What began in the previous issue is now having more profound effects in The Amazing Spider-Man #47, where Spider-Man wishes to stop the Sin-Eater for unfounded reasons. Yes, he was killing people, but they return to life eventually, now without the want to hurt anyone else. It seems like the perfect way to stop criminals. Spider-Man did have the fact that the villain Overdrive was in critical condition to help his argument, but we discover in this issue that it may be because of reasons other than the Sin-Eater. This leaves our hero with a belief centered on a hunch, which makes the public — and perhaps even the reader — doubt whether he is right. It is an incredibly exciting series of events that I cannot wait to see how it plays out.


The Amazing Spider-Man #47 features many different scenes that appear only for a panel or two so that we can get a small slice of life for characters that we are not familiar with. These few panels that focus on many different locations allow for the pencils of Marcelo Ferreira and inks of Roberto Poggi to shine, as it allows for so many diverse characters to be brought onto panel that are living their everyday lives. The scenery and people are drawn beautifully and show off the high skill of Ferreira and Poggi.

Later in the issue, we are graced with a direct confrontation between the Sin-Eater and Spider-Man that features a multitude of powers and weapons that the Sin-Eater had acquired from villains he had shot. The battle is beautiful, and the dynamic poses and figures that Ferreira and Poggi make help create a deeply memorable confrontation. The way characters from certain panels overlap the borders of other panels is another technique frequently used, and it effectively makes characters pop out more than they would have otherwise.

Stunning Lettering and Colors example in The Amazing Spider-Man #47

The colors of David Curiel in The Amazing Spider-Man #47 are also shown off by the many different scenes at the beginning of the issue. The different palettes of each panel highlight just how skilled he is, no matter the environment he is coloring for. There is a point in the issue that takes place at a morgue with poor lighting that limited the abilities of what Curiel could do, but shortly after, we are able to witness his vibrant colors and gorgeous shading again in a brilliant fight scene.

The lettering of this issue was outstanding. VC’s Joe Caramagna kills at every chance he is given, and The Amazing Spider-Man #47 allows him to shine like few other issues. Rarely are there enough opportunities for the letterer to stun you, but the fight scene later in the issue features quick exchanges of blows from a multitude of weapons, which Caramagna enhances with fonts of many different styles and colors. Towards the back of the book features some of the best lettering I have ever seen in an issue as the action unfolds.


The Amazing Spider-Man #47 is yet another fantastic issue in the Sins Rising events. The end of each issue leaves the reader satisfied with what they have been given and wanting to know how each of the elements of the story will be resolved. It is a riveting piece of writing that is complimented incredibly well by stunning line art, colors, and lettering.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #47 gives yet another fantastic entry in the Sins Rising Event.Review: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #47- An Event That Keeps On Giving