Bendis's writing is fast-paced, direct, and immensely impacful.

Review: SUPERMAN #22—The Consequences Of Our Actions

SUPERMAN #22, on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday, June 17th, wraps up the thrilling United Planets arc from writer Brian Michael Bendis. While Clark fights off Mongul at the outer edges of Earth’s atmosphere, Lois engages in her own fight of sorts with a government agent. Ever since Clark revealed his identity, things have been even more chaotic on Earth. But if Big Blue can’t defeat Mongul in time, there won’t be an Earth left to save.


The final battle between Kal-El and Mongul has come, and the fate of Earth lies in the balance. Despite encountering numerous big baddies over the years (he recalls Lex Luthor and Brainiac in his mind), Clark describes a sense of knowing this specific villain would always come back to punish him and humanity. But rather than give into despair over the futility of their endless fights, our hero turns his desire to enact the United Planets into a righteous rage. Mongul should count himself lucky; few beings have seen Krypton’s Last Son unleash his true fury.


Unbeknownst to Clark, Lois Lane is fighting a battle all her own back in Metropolis. Agent Chase from an unnamed government organization is plaguing her with questions regarding Clark’s supposed claim to be Earth’s “king.”

Bendis’s writing is fast-paced, direct, and immensely impacful. The determination of Clark and Lois is an encouraging quality for both of these heroic characters. But can they abate the consequences of Clark’s recent actions?


Kevin Macguire’s penciling and ink work, Alex Sinclair’s s coloring, and Dave Sharpe’s lettering came together in a masterful way for this arc’s concluding chapter. The intense fight scenes are full of brightly colored balls of fire, helping readers imagine the heat on their own faces. Each character is highly detailed and provide a good sense of movement. What’s more, the speech and thought bubbles frame each scene beautifully.


SUPERMAN #22 was an exciting wrap-up to the United Planets arc, even though it may have been somewhat rushed. It leaves open plenty of room to explore the consequences of Clark’s actions in the issues to come.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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Bendis's writing is fast-paced, direct, and immensely impacful.Review: SUPERMAN #22—The Consequences Of Our Actions