Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Too Short To Ride: Shorty Squad Rules

Steven visits Funland with Amethyst but runs into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.

Peridot returns from the barn to hang with Steven and Amethyst. She also gets a new piece of technology from Greg. It’s good to see he still was able to keep some of the money from the previous episode so he can help to pay for incidentals and other unexpected costs later in the series.

There are a lot of good themes which are addressed in this episode. The first is the importance of believing in yourself and understanding people want to be around you because of who you are, and not what you aren’t. Too many people beat themselves up because they feel they aren’t what people expect them to be. Society focuses way too much on image these days and not enough on who is a person is on the inside.

The second great theme in this episode was the reliance on technology. Peridot insists she has to have some manner of technology to feel comfortable. While it is true some people need it to express themselves there are others who have gone too far and need to take a timeout from tech every once in awhile. In other words, close social media and engage with the person who is talking right beside you.

There also is a bit more world building as it’s revealed the Gem homeworld isn’t able to produce gems like they used to. As Peridot continues to beat herself up over her inability to shapeshift, Steven and Amethyst help her discover she had a power she didn’t know about. It’s nice to see her have a few more abilities. Peridot always had technology skills but compared with the other gems she was lacking a bit in the offensive department. Hopefully now she will be able to add them in battle in the future.

This episode was pleasant and had a lot of good moments in it. There is one major question which is left to the watcher. Why hasn’t Sinbad come back to voice Mr. Smiley? His voice really added personality to the character and it’s a shame not to see him continue the role. It’s a minor complaint but still, the fans want to know why he hasn’t returned.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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