Review: Steven Universe – Too Far


Episode Description:Steven and Amethyst get involved with Gem gossip.

Another episode looking at Peridot trying to get along with the Crystal Gems and ending up butting heads with one of them instead. This time, it’s Amythest who she finds conflict with. As the episode starts, Steven and Amethyst find Peridot’s constant recording of notes and her way of having a bizarre technical name for everything amusing. The fun continues as the trio head back to the kindergarten for supplies and Peridot keeps making base observations about Pearl and Garnet that Amethyst is still entertained by. It’s not until Peridot starts making crash technical remarks about Amethyst herself where problems start to arise.

Back at the Barn, Amethyst starts giving Peridot the cold shoulder for the comments. Then the machine the team has been working on goes out of control and Peridot saves Amethyst from getting hurt. Afterward, Peridot plays Amethyst an apology she made on her recorder and Amethyst forgives her. It looks like Peridot is slowly becoming a member of the team.

We learn more about Amethyst as we watch Peridot try to make friends. Turns out that despite her ability to change her shape, the fact she was born so close to earth results in her always being a smaller size in her base form. It’s a little bit more information about one of the main cast. If anything Peridot’s arrival keeps helping to answer the questions that fans have been asking about the show since the start. Hopefully, the next episode will find Peridot trying to make friends with garnet. Good luck with that!

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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