Everything is fine and dandy, just as long as you obey the little robotic voices telling you what to do.
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Review: ‘Steven Universe’: The Zoo: Heaven?

Steven visits a zoo.

Welcome one and all to the Human Zoo, a place where humans are allowed to run free in their natural environment. As long as their natural environment is a tropical paradise free of disease or strife but you have no choices in what is happening around you. If this sounds like your cup of tea than come aboard.

The episode shows your standard setup for a too good to be true Eden. The humans in the zoo are living simple lives being fed and playing the sun. Each of them is equipped with robot voiced earrings which tell them to engage in any of these activities because residents don’t understand the concept of choosing things for themselves. Ignorance is bliss though because as the zoo humans learn concepts such as pain and lose their immediate reaction is to shut down because they can’t take it anymore. As Greg Universe is quick to point out, “There’s always a catch with these Utopias.”

This was a very entertaining episode. It helps to showcase a lot of interesting characters but is also helps to provide Steven with a new goal. After seeing these beings in captivity he will no doubt try his hardest to find a way to successfully liberate them from where they are. This will be a lot further down the road but still it’s something for him to build towards as a character.

Well Steven has been able to rescue his dad but who will rescue him? They’ll have to pull a plan out of somewhere if they have any hope of being able to escape safely. Hopefully the creative team will find a way to really bring it home and deliver an ending which will really make this five part even something truly worthwhile for fans to talk about.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Everything is fine and dandy, just as long as you obey the little robotic voices telling you what to do. Review: 'Steven Universe': The Zoo: Heaven?