Review: ‘Steven Universe’: The New Lars: Awkward Transference

Steven analyzes Lars’ life.

Steven jumps into Lars’ body and takes him out for a spin. This could have been a great opportunity to show Lars as a character who is dealing with something secretly or has trouble at home which is why he is always so aloof. Instead, it shows he has great parents and if he actually opened up to people he would have a lot more fun in life. He simply just doesn’t wish to apply himself.

This episode is hard to watch at times. Steven controlling Lars feels like watching a relative trying to act cool but you know they are being embarrassing. Also, him insisting Sadie and Lars need to get together is getting a bit too forceful. You can’t make people fall in love Steven, even if you are possessing them.

The episode does try and hint at the idea their may actually be hope for the Lars and Sadie relationship but the more it’s flushed out do fans even want it? Sadie a great girl with a lot of charm to her and Lars is distant and cold because he thinks it’s cool. Why do fans like this pairing so much? The girl could do better, really.

Hopefully the next episode will have some action because episode really was a bit bland. Also, why does Sadie have a documentary of Caligula on her shelf? There’s a question which will probably never get an answer.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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