The plot finally comes back in full gear as issues involving the Home World Gems are addressed.
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Review: ‘Steven Universe’: The Dream: The Plot Arrives

Steven has a strange dream.

The start of a what essentially can be a miniseries within Steven Universe begins in this episode. The episode moves fast as Steven has questions brought up by a strange dream. This leads him to show some maturity and frustration as he pushes for answers and becomes upsets when no one tells him the truth. The poor kid really has been kept in the dark about things for far too long. He deserves to know everything going on in his life as it usually pertains to him or his mother in some way. Sure it’s impossible to expect every issue with be a massive dump of information for him but it still would be nice if when he asked the other Crystal Gems for answers they were truthful with him.

It feels like this is what the previous episodes have been have been building to thanks to subtle hints and brief moments of story exposition. Plot points introduced in Buddy’s Book and during the season three finale finally come into play. Also, the appearance of Uncle Andy from Gem Harvest helps to reinforce the character is meant to be a part of the overall plot and not just a simple one time only appearance. Little hints and moments from other non crucial episodes really help to prove their worth. The series often seems to forget it has set up an impending alien invasion which most should think be the center point but often been has been pushed to the side.

The ending is a cliffhanger and helps to leave the audience wanting more. Luckily they don’t have to wait long as the next new episodes comes immediately after this one. This episode pulls you in and doesn’t let you go for a moment. Also it features a very funny meta joke about Steve and Greg visiting an animation studio..

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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The plot finally comes back in full gear as issues involving the Home World Gems are addressed. Review: 'Steven Universe': The Dream: The Plot Arrives