Review: Steven Universe ‘The Answer’ – Too many fan theories

Summary: Garnet reveals how she became a Crystal gem.


After a three month drought without any new episodes, Steven Universe returns. This time focusing on a character who hasn’t been getting much attention, Garnet. Waking Steven up on his birthday she tells him the story of how she became a Crystal Gem. Many fan theories and questions are answered in this episode.

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First off, another one of the higher ups in the Gem Empire is revealed. This one is called Blue Diamond. With the current leader of the Gem Empire being named Yellow Diamond, it is now safe to say the Diamond class is have always been on top. Second, it’s also revealed Sapphire was a member of the Gem elite and Ruby was one of many and a foot soldier type of Gem. After the two of them accidently fuse the third revolution is revealed.Their fusion was infact taboo as Gems never fuse with any but their own kind. The two fall to Earth to escape punishment and begin an adventure discovering the beauty that the world has to offer.

Out of all the revelations in this episode it’s third one fans should pay attention too. It was already heavily theorized Diamonds were at the top of the chain and Rubies were some type of soldier class and this episode merely confirms it.  The fact Gems aren’t’ supposed to fuse with any but their own kind is a big reveal to the overall story of the show.

In the history of the series, the four Crystal Gems (don’t forget about Rose Quartz) have conducted fusion with each other to power up as needed. With this new information it becomes apparent this type of casual combining is unheard of. It speaks a lot about what kind of society the Crystal Gems are fighting against and what kind of crimes they have committed in the eyes of their home planet.  

If this level of quality in episodes is what fans will be looking forward to then the momentary hiatus was justified. This was a truly engaging episode with a lot of reveals and some good touching emotional moments. An episode guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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