This one has everything in terms of content and finds a way to throw a song in as well.
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Review: ‘Steven Universe’: That Will Be All: Yes It Will!

Steven makes a daring escape with the Gems.
A lot happened in this episode and there is a lot to unpack here. First Greg and Steven are reunited with Amethyst who has found companionship with her other gems. Then the pair bare witness to an interaction between Yellow and Blue Diamond and fans finally get to see a very interesting conversation take place.

One of the most significant moments in this episode comes as Greg and Steven discover all the Rose Quartz have been imprisoned in response to Steven’s mother’s rebellion. The entire Gem class is being punished for how one of them acted which means the audience will likely not see another Rose Quartz again anytime soon. They are only being spared from being smashed by Blue Diamond and her need to keep Pink Diamond’s legacy alive. The instant Yellow Diamond steps into the room the scene is filled with an ominous feeling like she might destroy all of the imprisoned Quartz on a whim. She is definitely not one to trifled with.

There is a possibility of more abductions on Earth to help Blue Diamond secure Pink’s legacy. If the Home World does pay more attention to Earth, they may soon realize something is wrong. They’ll quickly want to know why the Gem Cluster, their ultimate weapon hasn’t emerged yet. This would only result in more headaches for Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems. Of course there also is a possibility the Gems of the station might have formed a fan club for Amethyst and could very well start an internal rebellion.


This episode is a perfect blend of comedy, action, drama, and plot development. The highlights include the home world’s response to Rose’s rebellion and the setup for what will come in the future. Sadly, if the schedule is correct then it will be a few more weeks before any new Steven Universe comes out. At least the parting shot before this hiatus is a fantastic episode which may be one of the best in the entire series.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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This one has everything in terms of content and finds a way to throw a song in as well. Review: 'Steven Universe': That Will Be All: Yes It Will!