This one seems light but then goes deep with the emotions and leave your heart feeling heavy.
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Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Storm In The Room: When It Rains

Steven visits the Temple to search for answers.

Sadly, Steve doesn’t get as many answers as he had hoped. Instead, the audience gets a full serving of emotion. It becomes a very somber episode as Steven finally takes the time to let out the anger which was building up inside of him.

After Steven watches Connie worry when her mom isn’t on time to pick her up, Steven can no longer distract himself from wanting answers to the big questions. He heads into his room in the Temple and it allows him to create a version of his mom. After a few cute moments and a blatant Charlie Brown joke, Steven is given the brutal reminder the room just shows him what he wants and doesn’t have the power to allow him to interact with his real mother.

It’s here the episode takes the leap and goes into the mature territory which has made it such an acclaimed series. Steven lets out his anger, questions his mom’s actions, and even questions his own birth and if he was a mistake. The episode goes as deep as it ever has and leaves a sting of drama which may resonate with members of the audience who have ever had their own issues with a parent. It’s not a light watch but sometimes the best moments of Steven Universe are when they tap into deep emotion and don’t let up.

The episode takes the time to does with some of the issues Steven has with his mother but still doesn’t let him know why she did some of the things in her past. Still, he’s rewarded for his troubles with a pizza and a reminder he does have a family who cares for him deeply. All things considered, he had a pretty good day and so did the audience after what they just saw.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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This one seems light but then goes deep with the emotions and leave your heart feeling heavy.Review: 'Steven Universe': Storm In The Room: When It Rains