Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Steven vs. Amethyst: Fight!

Steven and Amethyst compete against each other while training with Pearl.

After the humiliation she faced in the previous episode it was obvious Amethyst would have to find a way to recover. This eventually leads her to wanting to prove she is still capable by participating in Pearl’s training sessions with Steven. Unfortunately Steven has become such a proficient warrior he easily blows her away. Good to see his efforts have paid offend he isn’t just a goofball. Amethyst could probably take a lesson from him and start to follow a regular training schedule if she wants to keep in top form. Given how often Jasper keeps showing up lately, this wouldn’t be the worst idea.

This episode really helps to show how much combat skill Steven possesses. His ability to throw his shield and have it come back to him resembles Captain America. Still, even Amethyst makes it a point to mention how Steven has way too much power and he hasn’t been able to master them all. Even during the fight, he finds a way to pull out something new by being able to modify his bubble shield so it has spikes. The kid has enough powers already. He doesn’t need anymore. At least not for the rest of the season.

Steven does shows how frustrated he can become about how is living in his mom’s shadow. Expecting a person to be a great leader when they are still figuring out who they are can be extremely frustrating. This idea should hopefully be looked into deeper in future episodes as it has a lot of potential for drama which should be explored. For now, it looks like the next episode will have another major change to it as a new character is introduced and the series slowly works towards its 100th episode.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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