Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Steven Floats: And Crashes…

Steven jumps for joy, but jumps too high

Welcome to the “Summer of Steven.” An event by Cartoon Network where they intend to run the rest of the third season of Steven Universe to the end for the rest of the summer. Sounds like fun but unfortunately this first episode isn’t one of their best.

This entire episode focuses Steven getting a new power. This new power adds to an ever growing list of powers including shapeshifting, enhanced strength, the ability to summon his mother’s shield, ability to control plants, and healing and he only really has mastered about two or three of these. This is insane.

He also is revealed to be the first Gem, Gem Fusion, or Gem hybrid to be able to fly independently. Should be noted the use of the word “independently” because Lapis Lazuli’s ability to fly is tied directly into her manipulation of water. This really feels like another power coming out of nowhere.

The show should not be doing this anymore. Steven has been established to have enough powers he still needs to properly master and really shouldn’t be given anymore. There is more than enough material to work with already for future episodes. Also, the idea of his powers being tied to his emotional has already been covered. Yes, he is a child and his varying emotional state can hinder or enhance them but this was material covered in season one. This is season three, time to starts moving forward.

Steven Universe is still one of the better shows on TV today. It should be noted the reason for this harsh review is because of the fact it’s proven it can do better than this. To have gone back to the well of throwing new powers at Steven so he has to deal with them is unnecessary. You are better than this show. You know you are.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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