Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Same Old World: New Wonders

Steven travels the world.

After the disappointment with the battle against the Cluster from the previous episode, Gem Drill, it’s surprising how entertaining a slow paced episode like Same Old World could be. Basically it’s all about Steven flying around with Lapis Lazuli and trying to convince her why it would be alright for her to hang around Earth and make it her new home. A simple premise but it’s the little details which really help to make it enjoyable.

The first of the details which helps to redeem the episode is it’s an episode totally focused on Lapis Lazuli, a fan favorite character who hasn’t gotten a lot of time on screen since her initial introduction. Here she’s front and center and finally allowed to stretch her wings (literally) and discover all Earth has to offer. Second, there are a few serious moments as Lapis tells her back story of coming to Earth, getting trapped in a mirror, and being interrogated because the Gems from Homeworld thought she was part of the rebellion. Lastly, the episode really helps to showcase what other cities and town in the world of Steven Universe are like. They even manage to make a joke about Jersey. For some reason, Cartoon Network loves to do jokes about Jersey.


The episode ends with a perfect setup where Peridot and Lapis will be living together like in the barn. This will no doubt result in comedy if just from the fact Peridot doesn’t exactly have people skills. This again was set up months ago thanks to leaked trailers and clips. Man, the network really has to watch to make sure those clips don’t end up spoiling the entire season. Still, Same Old World is fun and let’s fans have what they have been wanting for a while which is some time with the Gem who has the power to control water, Lapis Lazuli.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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