REVIEW: Steven Universe ‘Message Received’ – And it’s so good.


Summary: Peridot double-crosses the Crystal Gems upon reactivating a Communication Device in an attempt to contact Yellow Diamond.

Well, this episode was definitely a shocker. It was obvious Peridot was going to use the device she stole from the previous episode to contact the Gem Homeworld but what happens afterward is surprising. It was interesting to watch her break out her giant robot to help escape so she can successfully in phoning home.

By doing so the long awaited debut of Yellow Diamond happens. She’s everything fans thought she would be. Cold, uninterested in others, believing her word is law (because technically it is), and those appear to be her good points. Just as it seems like Peridot is going to rat out the team to her commander, she instead tries to talk sense to Yellow Diamond and insist the Earth doesn’t have to be destroyed. Yellow Diamond won’t hear any of it which results in Peridot calling her a clod and sealing her fate as a resident of Earth and a Crystal Gem. She really has grown as a character.

This is insane. By all elements of cartoon logic, foreshadowing, and storytelling it looked like Peridot was going to totally betray the Crystal Gems and give up the Earth. Instead the creators manage to flip the episode on its head and serve as a way to show Peridot has changed and she is officially a Crystal Gem. Also, kudos to Steven for noticing something was wrong and actually taking the time to look into it. He’s grown a lot as a character this season as well.

Way to go creative team. This is approach is one for the books and the fans will once again appreciate the obvious path wasn’t taken. This week of new episodes has been incredible but all good things must come to an end and tomorrow, the outcome of Peridot’s actions will shown.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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