Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Know Your Fusion: Repeats Itself

Steven and the Gems examine fusions.


Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smokey Quartz and show off their skills. Pearl and Garnet become Sardonyx and proceeds to interview them like they are on a late night talk show. This is really the entire plot of the episode. There is little new elements explained except for the idea fusion gems get their own sections of the Gem temple.


The idea was basically to show the value of Smokey Quartz as a fusion which it barely does at the end of the episode by having her save Pearl and Garnet. Why was this necessary? On her first appearance Smokey successfully took down Jasper, a warrior which previously defeated Garnet. Jasper even fused with a corrupt Gem to become stronger to try and win and was still defeated. Again, why was it necessary to show what Smokey was capable of? The fans already knew and Pearl and Garnet didn’t need to have an entire episode to figure out Smokey was a competent fighter.

It almost feels like this was supposed to be the premise of a clip show, complete with scenes from old episodes and talking about what happened in them. Luckily there has never been a complete show ever this show’s history but if this is their attempt to employ the same elements to catch people up on the story it may just be better to show a full clip show. The idea of watching a talk show with the characters seems fun but the concept goes on for far too long and makes the entire episode not really worth watching. It looks like the less plot centered episodes have started and unfortunately, if they are anything like this then they will be just as hard to sit through as Steven Floats.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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