Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service: Dreaming Of Action

Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.

Steven finds himself jumping into Kiki’s dream every night to protect her from nightmares. You would think Steven would take some time to really think about not being going into someone’s dream after his recent experience with body swapping into Lars. Unfortunately, this is not the case and to decide to keep going into Kiki’s dreams over and over again and to defeat her nightmares in effort to allow her to sleep well but at the same time causing him to get ever more exhausted.

The lesson to take from this is confront your trouble even if they are uncomfortable. It may be hard to talk with someone about something which is bother you but it’s better to confront them about it instead of holding it un. It can eventually eat away at you and it tear you up from the inside. It’s a good piece of advice for anyone at any age. Some adults even have difficulty standing up to others because they are worried about how it will be perceived or if they may hurt another’s feelings. It is when the show looks at mature subjects like this it really shines.

This is the closest thing to battle in seven episodes and it’s gonna have to satisfy the action quota until something else comes along. It will do but more actual gems going head-to-head with other gems would be nice. Still this is the halfway point of the season and so far there have been far more emotional moments than action taking place.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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