REVIEW: Steven Universe ‘It could’ve been great.’ – Don’t worry. It is.

Summary: The gems must find the Cluster’s exact location, and travel to an information archive on the moon to look for it.


Time for more bonding between Peridot and the rest of the main cast. It starts with her and Steven having a jam session leading into a montage of her working with the Crystal Gem to finish the drill. From there they need the coordinates for where the Cluster (the giant world ending mutant they have been trying to stop) is growing.

This results in a road trip to the moon courtesy of Lion. It’s impressive to see the big guy basically perform warp drive. There they learn more about the Great Diamond Authority, the leaders who have been mentioned throughout the entire series. By the feel of where the series is going one of these higher ups will be making an appearance in the near future.

As the team gets the information about the cluster, Peridot takes the time to show them what the world would have looked like if they had finished the colonization. She insists it would have been better if the Earth had been taken over and Rose Quartz efforts were for nothing. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with the rest of the Gems and they are once again angry at Peridot. There is a pretty good chance they won’t be able to make up anytime soon.

Peridot’s first adventure with the Crystal Gems starts out pretty fun and entertaining but moves downhill as she just can’t seem to get over the allure of the Gem homeworld. It also appears as if she plans to double cross her new friends. This feels like a prologue to some very bad things going down with the characters. This is another classic episode and seems to be the start of an epic storyline.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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