Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Hit the Diamond

Steven plays baseball with the Gems.

Considering the title of this episode, many fans were hoping for the appearance of Yellow Diamond, the Gem World leader and for an epic battle to take place. Sadly, this isn’t exactly the final confrontation many believed it to be. Instead, just as the description says, Steven plays baseball but even without a nail biting battle, this is still a very entertaining episode.

The vessel from the previous episode is revealed to be filled with Rubies, the grunt soldier class of Gems. The main focus of the episode is watching the entire team try to come together to play as a team to beat the Rubies. The gems even use new identities to not give away who they really are. Lapis Lazuli as “Bob” is hilarious just for the lack of apathy she seems to display the entire episode. Her lack of any actual energy and laid back personality resembles MTV’s Daria, which would be a great way to distinguish her from the rest of the cast. She’ll be the sarcastic one who is simply going along for the ride with rest of the team’s crazy and outlandish behavior. Or then again it could just be the “Bob” personality she created to play game. Future episodes will show which is true.


The episode is filled with lots of humor and adorable moments as Ruby and Sapphire spend most of it flirting with each other. Maybe it wasn’t the intense skirmish fans were hoping for but still it was very enjoyable watching Steven and the Crystal Gems playing America’s favorite past time. Now if only those Rubies can find Jasper and then maybe the fans will get to see a brawl.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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