The introduction of Holly Blue helps to understand the structure of Gem society but meanders in the middle.
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Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Gem Heist: New Management

The Gems plan a heist.

The team has to find a way into the the Gem facility they believe is holding Greg Universe despite the fact they are wanted fugitives. To accomplish this they have to play the roles they were originally meant for. Garnet splits into Sapphire and Ruby so Sapphire can act as a higher up while the rest of the team has to act as her underlings. From there the heist goes into full execution.

The biggest revaluation this episode is the introduction of a new gem type, Holly Blue Agate. Apparently, Holly Blues are basically middle management and their purpose is to keep in line all the different gem types which are considered working class such as jaspers and amethysts. This one in particular enjoys doing all she can to please to the Diamonds, by making sure the station is run efficiently despite not having visitors for many years. Doing all you can to suck up to the higher ups sounds exactly how middle management is supposed to work. It does add a bit to the understanding of how the gem society operates though.


This is a very intermediate episode with the main highlight being the heist aspect. It was nice to finally see a Home World populated area and how they interact with one another. Considering how Earth has been the primary setting there has only been glances into home world society so far and this is a welcomed sight. Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t really go farther than Holly Blue bossing around her troops and giving respect to Sapphire.

The episode does set up for the human zoo which is coming in the next episode. It will be interesting to show what a Zoo for humans is made by an alien race who doesn’t understand how humanity works. Hopefully they at least understand the human need for bacon.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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The introduction of Holly Blue helps to understand the structure of Gem society but meanders in the middle. Review: 'Steven Universe': Gem Heist: New Management