Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Earthlings: Not Like Anyone Else


Ever so often an episode comes along of such quality it reminds everyone of how not only how excellent this series can be but how its on a level of its in terms of quality. This episode features the perfect mix of character, action, and intrigue. The character portion is unique because it shows the distinct bond Steven and Amethyst have. Steven isn’t like any human being on the planet and this makes it hard for him to relate to anyone. Amethyst as a Quartz Gem was supposed to be bigger and stronger like Jasper. In Steven’s own words, “It sucks.” Still by trusting in one another they are able to relieve each other of this terrible feeling.

The action of this episode is highlighted by the introduction of a new fusion. Steven and Amethyst become Smokey Quartz, who has the ability to combine a shield and a whip into a yo-yo of death, similar to the old Rygar arcade games. It’s impressive to see how their new abilities are able to have them face off against Jasper.

There is also a lot of new revelations about the series which are lightly touched upon. First it’s revealed there was a fourth Diamond. The Diamonds, the highest class of Gem in existence was thought to be made up of only three individuals: Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and White Diamond. Jasper makes it known a fourth diamond, Pink Diamond, not only existed but her downfall was caused by Rose Quartz. Second, it’s shown Gem corruption can occur without involvement by the Diamond as Jasper starts to become corrupted by her own inability to accept what is happening to her. This could mean any Gem could become corrupted if they found themselves unable to cope with the world around them and it may very well affect the Crystal Gems later in the series.

With only two episodes left, let’s hope they are as good if not better than this one. Such a feat may be hard to accomplish as this episode was hands down one of the best of the season.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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