Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Bubbled: Compact In The Best Way

Steven is stuck in a bubble.


The season finale of Steven Universe ends with a very simple episode. Steven gets stuck floating in space and his bubble shield is the only thing which is protecting him from certain death. While he is floating in the void of nothing he ends up running into one of the Rubies who comes along for the ride.

The episode becomes the kind where a hero and his enemy are stuck in a situation together and it allows them the time necessary to try and make a connection between each other. Unfortunately, despite all of his efforts this is one individual Steven just can’t reach. Still, you have the give the poor boy credit for trying to find the best in everyone.

The big reveal from the previous episode gets confirmed and Steven learns the truth behind his mother. She did shatter (kill) Pink Diamond because if she didn’t the Earth would never been freed. It’s a lot to process but it helps to take steps to move the series towards the much more mature story the creators were hoping to tell with the series. Much like Adventure Time, this show was always hoping to tell a much deeper story than one about a boy whose magical powers can be triggered by a good ice cream sandwich.

A lot happened this season. There was a lot of growth in the characters and a lot of movement in the overall story. Luckily the fans don’t have to wait for season four to come around as the next episode is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Sounds good but hopefully the next season won’t spend its middle with bland concepts like swapping bodies with Lars again. Also by the look of it, the Crystal Gems are keeping the Rubies’ ship. Time to go interplanetary!

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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