Review: ‘Steven Universe’: Back To The Moon: Flies High

Steven and the Gems return to the Moon Base.


After the last action packed episode, the story scales it back a bit to have some old friends return. Yes the Rubies have returned and thanks to Steven they all get named which helps to flush out their personalities a bit. Army is the angry one, Leggy is dim, Navy is shy, Eyeball is a stubborn soldier, and Doc, the is the captain and leader of the group. Unfortunately they are still as clueless as they ever were which is why Amethyst is able to fool them so easily by impersonating Jasper.

Amethyst using her shape shifting to try and fool the Rubies really helps to show how she is recovering. After getting defeated by Jasper, she didn’t really act like herself and instead preferred to just sulk around for the last few episodes. Here she is back in full force, impersonating someone and trying to play a prank. This is Amethyst as she is supposed to be.

There is also a major reveal this episode as it turns out Rose Quartz didn’t simply defeat Pink Diamond. Instead she shattered her, the Gem equivalent of murdering a person. This is a bit too much for Steven to handle as he always assumed his mother was someone who fought defensively only. None of the Crystal Gems make an attempt to try and correct them and Pearl even looks absolutely traumatized by the announcement as if she was there and the horrible memories were only now starting to come back to her.

Hopefully in the future more will be revealed and we’ll get a flashback to the fight. One where we see in detail what happened between Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond. For now though the season is winding down with a nice set of plot driven episodes which are simply astonishing.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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